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Art Work | Goldfish Jewellery Box

Art Work | Goldfish Jewellery Box

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Product Code: 000-D00-365

Handpainted on 5" Scalloped Footed Box from Maryland China
Measurement: Width 5" Ø

Rarity Classifications: Unique, One-of-a kind piece

Introducing our extraordinary Scalloped Footed Box, a true testament to the fusion of artistry and cultural heritage. This 5" box showcases a pair of exquisite goldfish gracefully swimming amidst vibrant narcissus flowers, meticulously hand-painted in the traditional Chinese style. The harmonious composition exudes a sense of tranquility and prosperity. Adding a personal touch, the Chinese calligraphy of "悠然自得" (meaning: leisurely) graces the box, inviting you to embrace a serene and fulfilling life. What makes this box even more special is the inclusion of the artist's name, elegantly written on the cover, accompanied by a Chinese name chop at the bottom, signifying authenticity and the artist's seal of approval. Painted with the utmost talent and attention to detail, this Scalloped Footed Box is not only a functional storage piece but also a cherished work of art that embodies the beauty and wisdom of traditional Chinese culture. Display it prominently and let it become a treasured heirloom that showcases the talent and legacy of the artist for generations to come.

Please refer HERE for artist bio for this porcelain painting artist.

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