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Bone China Plate with Clockworks & Dial (8")

Bone China Plate with Clockworks & Dial (8")

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Ceramics is not something usually associated with clocks, but in Italy, particularly in Sicily they are very commonplace. Sicilian ceramic clocks are often in the shape of a plate with the clock face and mechanics in the centre. Make your own clocks by our package of an 8" bone china plate with a battery operated clock movement and a pair of hands. 

Bone china's bright white background and translucency enhance colors, while its softer glaze allows for better paint dissolution, resulting in more vivid colors. These unique features make it a popular choice for painters worldwide. Read more HERE.


Width 20.8cm Ø, Height 2cm

Clockworks - Width & Length 56mm, Depth 16mm (excluding axle)

Color: Milky White

Material: 45% Bone Ash (approximately)

Origin: China 

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