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Calligraphy Service

Calligraphy Service

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Our team of calligraphy experts and lettering designers can create the perfect hand-lettered on your porcelain, whether on its own or to enhance your artwork.

Each of them have over a decade of porcelain painting experience so we guarantee they are highly skilled specialists with extended experience in this field. We are able to offer both traditional and modern calligraphy, in Chinese and in English, and we are happy to assist you with any calligraphy requests. Pricing is for calligraphy only on any of the glazed chinaware you purchase from us. Lettering can be created with a crow quill or a brush depending on your design.

We will send you photographs of our work for your confirmation before we fire.

We look forward to working with you. Please review the information below and if you have any questions, please CONTACT US.


Chinese Word | US$9.99 each

English Letter* | US$4.99 each

* As an example, “LOVE” would consider as 4 letters thus costs a fee of US$19.96.

Price include firing and use of our paint powder and tools.

Additional art work shall be quoted separately.


The porcelain with lettering will be fired before sending to you via our appointed courier.

Refund Policy

Calligraphy is an art form, so please understand that no two hand-lettered pieces are identical. All custom orders are final, due to their specific nature. 


We would need you to settle the cost for the porcelain first. Cost for the lettering service will then be charged upon your approval on our photo confirmation.


We have a wide selection of paint powder mainly from the Debbi Good collection, should you require us to use a color that we do not currently have, we can arrange to purchase one at your cost and send the remaining powder to you along with your porcelain. There will be an additional 100% for hand lettering in gold and platinum mainly due to material cost.


Because everything is done by hand, please allow 5 business days for us before we can send you the photographs for your confirmation. Upon completion the estimated delivery period is listed HERE.


We provide translation service for free should you engage our hand lettering service.



Happy Birthday 生日快樂

Happy Anniversary 週年紀念

Merry Christmas 聖誕快樂


John 約翰

Jennifer 珍妮花

Louise 路易絲

Quotes & Phrases

生死有命,富貴在天 - David Beckham’s tattoo which can be loosely translated as: “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend upon heaven.” 

上帝與你常在 - Nicki Minaj’s tattoo which can be loosely translated as: "God is always with you."

一動不如一靜 - better keep still than move

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