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Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying Glasses

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Product Code: AJP-B000-239

  • This is a set of two interchangeable lenses "1.6x & 2.0x"
  • Magnifying glass that makes it easy to use for detailed work. 
  • The lenses are hard-coated to make them scratch-resistant. They block 25% of blue light and 99% of UV rays. (Calculated based on ISO 12312-1:2022)
  • Lightweight frame made from polyamide resin TR-90. 
  • Magnifying glass is intended to magnify your viewing area for easy viewing. (Not a reading glasses) 
  • Can be hung over glasses. 
  • The lenses can be flipped up, so it is convenient when you want to temporarily look at something else.
  • Working distance (distance from object to lens): 1.6x / 22-35cm, 2.0x / 12-17cm. (For reference only)
  • Storage case included. 

Set Includes: Frame (rose pink), 1.6x lens, 2.0x lens, storage case. 

Material: Lens / Acrylic Frame / Polyamide (TR-90), Polyacetal Replacement lens storage bag / 100% polyester Glasses cleaning cloth / 70% polyester, 30% nylon Storage case / Outer fabric: 100% nylon, Inner fabric: 100% polyester Zipper puller / Zinc alloy (nickel plated)

Designed: Japan

Country of origin: Lenses, frames: Taiwan; storage case, storage bag: China; glasses cleaning cloth: Korea

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