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Pet Water/ Food Bowl

Pet Water/ Food Bowl

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Product Code: 027-A010-071


Mini Snack Bowl (Short) (Width 11cm Ø, Height 3.8cm)

Mini Snack Bowl (Tall) (Width 8cm Ø, Height 6cm)

Small Meal Bowl (Width 11cm Ø, Height 7.5cm)

Medium Meal Bowl (Short) (Width 13cm Ø, Height 7.5cm)

Medium Meal Bowl (Tall) (Width 12.2cm Ø, Height 10cm)

Large Meal Bowl (Width 13cm Ø, Height 10.6cm)

Narrow Rim Water Bowl (Width 12.8cm Ø, Height 10.3cm)

Slanted Rim for Exotic Shorthair (Width 15.5cm Ø, Height 2.5cm)

Flat Rim for Exotic Shorthair (Width 15.4cm Ø, Height 10.5cm)

Color: As shown

Origin: China

Break-resistant | Microwave-safe | Oven-safe | Dishwasher-safe

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