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Plastic Bottles (Package of 10)

Plastic Bottles (Package of 10)

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Product Code: 080-B000-151

Perfect for medium. Other capacities also available, please CONTACT US.


5ml - Rim 1.9cm Ø, Height 3.9cm (without cap)/ 4.8cm (overall)

10ml - Rim 2.1cm Ø, Height 5.1cm (without cap)/ 6.1cm (overall)

15ml - Rim 2.3cm Ø, Height 6cm (without cap)/ 7cm (overall)

20ml - Rim 2.6cm Ø, Height 6.7cm (without cap)/ 7.8cm (overall)

30ml - Rim 3.2cm Ø, Height 7.3cm (without cap)/ 8.3cm (overall)

50ml - Rim 3.6cm Ø, Height 8.2cm (without cap)/ 9.5cm (overall)

100ml - Rim 4.7cm Ø, Height 7cm (without cap)/ 11cm (overall)

Origin: China

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