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Set of Cups with Pot Plant & Stand (180ml)

Set of Cups with Pot Plant & Stand (180ml)

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Product Code: 145-C000-436

Introducing our captivating set of Porcelain Cups with a unique twist—the mesmerizing Painting of a Plant Pot and Stand that magically combine when stacked together. Crafted with exquisite artistry, each cup features a portion of the vibrant potted plant design, carefully painted with meticulous attention to detail. When the cups are neatly stacked, the individual paintings seamlessly merge, creating a stunning visual illusion of a flourishing plant sitting atop a graceful stand. Made from premium porcelain, these cups not only boast artistic charm but also offer a delightful drinking experience. Whether enjoyed as a functional set of cups or displayed as a decorative centerpiece, our Porcelain Cups will elevate your moments of indulgence with a touch of whimsical elegance.


Rim 7.2cm Ø, Height 7.2cm, Capacity 180ml

Color: As shown

Origin: China

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